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Is it remarkable for 2 teenagers to be together for over a year?

or is it just average? my boyfriend and i have been together for over a year (since beginning of Nov. '07) :)Is it remarkable for 2 teenagers to be together for over a year?
Yes, it means you two are mature and know how to work out your problems rather than just give up the second something goes wrong. Good luck and keep it up!Is it remarkable for 2 teenagers to be together for over a year?
I wouldn't exactly call it remarkable. Often times, high school relationships don't last as long as you'd like them to but I've been with my boyfriend for just about a year and a half and we just mesh together. Sometimes relationships just ';work'; and there isn't much to explain about it.
its pretty average. congrats though =]
Not amazing but better then most. nice job

me and my boyfriend have been going out for 2 years and 6 months . and were only.. 14.
i think it's average. many people at my school have been dating each other since they were like in 8th grade? my sister first started dating her boyfriend when she was 13 and she is now 18. talk about a long teenage relationship!!

but i know what you mean. many teens in high school like date each other and then break up a week later and then go out again, and they keep doing that back and forth. i think its soo stupid.
no, some meet very young and end up getting married! xox
Yeah, all relationships are different. I was with my high school sweetheart for close to six years.
I've seen a guy in the 5th go with a girl in 6th and now their still together when he's in 7th and she's in 8th............maybe it's just them
Nope, quite normal! Congrats!!! ;)

na actually good job
Yes it's remarkable.

But still not enough to build s life over.

It becomes remarkable only if you are together a year after graduation.
My Husband %26amp; I met when I was 16. We dated for 10 years %26amp; got married 2 years ago.
Ive been with my girl 4 3 years since freshman yr.

How can i find any film auditions in the uk for teenagers?

film,movie productions,actingHow can i find any film auditions in the uk for teenagers?
Try this site......... can i find any film auditions in the uk for teenagers?
First you should get an agent because they will help you find auditions, and join drama clubs/groups, acting classes, youth theatres and if you can afford to go to one stage school, you need all the experience you can get, you should also get a coach to get better experience in acting even famous actors still have coaches. Second you should always be prepared to get knocked back because the casting crew will not always pick you for parts in films its like about 8/10 they will not pick you. Also acting is a hard acreer and about 1 in a 1000 people make it to become sucessful actors, so don't get your hopes up you may have no money and it could be ages before you get a part in a film again. Most importantly never give up hope if you really want something you can achieve it no matter what it is.

Try this site it has auditions for acting, singing and modeling.

Hope This Helped, GOOD LUCK in being an actor.
Oh, there's loads of stuff you could do!! Join a drama school like Diamond School of Performing Arts. If you are in a drama school you will have access to auditions and that stuff. Also join

it's a good website if you are looking for film and theatre auditions! Plus, go on, they have the best auditions.

Good Luck!
Well it helps if have an agent. If you join an acting/theatre group such as Jackie Palmers or Stage coach, they will offer you a space in their agency. There, you will be able to look at audions on their website.

Hope this helps!
First make sure you have lots of experience on your resume and get a good headshot, send it of too agents in your area, search on google or another search engine, contact them, send them your resume and headshot and see if they want to see you! -%26gt; offers personalised sms notifications for upcoming opportunities in your area ... much cheaper than an agent too ... :)

As any one ever hurt you or done you harm be a partner ,friends ,bulling work ,mates or teenagers causing?

trouble and damaging you property.I have to put up with a lot of this over the last few years and they get away with because people do nnot care unless it happens to them and will not stick up for or help you .How do i deal with this problem and stop it happening to me its hard when you have know one to fight your cornerAs any one ever hurt you or done you harm be a partner ,friends ,bulling work ,mates or teenagers causing?
First I think you should get some evidence because they can't arrest (vandalism is a SERIOUS crime) a person without some evidence or backing. I sugest video taping it and then calling the police. (Not emergency services though)As any one ever hurt you or done you harm be a partner ,friends ,bulling work ,mates or teenagers causing?

I've had people being horrible to me for no reason

try and not let it phase you because that's what they want

ive always learnt that bullies are actually cowards and they do it to make themselves feel great

there insecure and jealous of something

and if its gangs vandalising your property, try and see if you can catch them on film so you can prosecute them

keep your chin up

This is the story of one of my high school friends.

His name was Alex and he had a friend named Dan who was sometimes bullied by this kid who was a douche bag. On the last day of school Alex walked up and delivered a devastating side-thrust kick to the guys head. The Kid fell down and didn't get up for a while. He never messed with Dan again.

This is a viable approach.
Call the Police every time when they do some bad thing.

Is it good that teenagers under 18 years of age are having sex?

Many teenagers do it and admit it and many do it but don't admit it because they're afraid that their reputation will be spoiled but it doesn't change the fact that many, if not, most underage teenagers are having sex these days. No one seems to worry about it as if it's something very normal and has no negative effects. What do you think about this?Is it good that teenagers under 18 years of age are having sex?
noooooooooooooooooooo. its very bad. they need to wait till they r marriedIs it good that teenagers under 18 years of age are having sex?
I don't see a problem with under 18. I do with under 16. Especially with every 13 year old girl dressing like a slut now a days. I lost my virginity at 13 years old. I don't regret it because it helped me lead to where I am now, though I do frown upon it for the younger generation.
I dont know if it does.

I know it must be normal for them to be at it, as the question is about stopping them not starting them.

That and it would be surprising if they failed to get sexual urges and feelings as their bodies began to create hormones and prepare themselves to be sexually active and creative. This hand in hand development is also known as puberty, no?

As for the possible negative effects I wonder what they are as compared to a road perhaps, both have the potential to kill aa person, both require that a person leaves their home and makes a certain amount of contact with other people. In fact anything we do as we live as humans has potential for negative to extreme negative consequences or results. The issue often falls down to that as such young people how can they have the experience to know how to handle things, well how else are they to gain experience of the world with out, erm,actively participating?

Try having some faith in your young people that they are learning and one way or the other will do well.

As for the matter that it is normal, well history should provide you with all the evidence that you need ... people do have a sexual aspect, and its been that way for centuries, they also develop a greater tendency to explore the more adult world around them when entering their 'teens', this too has been the same for a long time.

Look at all sides, not just the ones that appeal to you.
kids will always be curious about their bodies - fact of life... and some parents hope that telling them nothing means they won't do anything - until someone is pregnant or suffering with an STD!!! ;)

as long as they are protected, and they are aware of the consequences, then i see no problem...

and any problems experienced are on their heads and have to live with it... :D
I think that saying that no one worries about it is wrong. Of course we worry about it. I personally think that they should wait until they are 18 or older just because they don't yet know who they are yet %26amp; the chances are high that the boyfriend/girlfriend they have now is not really someone they want to lose it to.

However, despite how I feel it is not up to me. It is not my body they are using to have sex. Many of them will have sex regardless of how well they have been taught or how well they have been raised. In the end all we can do is just make sure that we instill values in our children, grandchildren, %26amp; nephews/nieces. We need to teach them that they need to use protection %26amp; that they need to choose their partners wisely, especially for their first time. Basically, we need to teach them to respect themselves enough that they won't give it up to the player (male or female) that cons them into their first time.
the problem is global, at 18 most are havig sex.Best they have a sexual education first. Best the teens be aware, than trying to prevent,something we cannot control.
Good for you for having an open communication with your kids. Keep it up.

Sex and relationships are usually difficult for adults and teens. You just have to keep supporting them.

Poll: is there more teenagers than adults in the world?

Just curious.Poll: is there more teenagers than adults in the world?
i believe theres more teens than adults.. a couple can produce a lot of kids which contributes to the teen population Poll: is there more teenagers than adults in the world?
The age range for being a teen is a mere 6 years (13-19), whereas I assume ';adult'; means anything from 20 older. The category lines here are drawn ridiculously in favor of adults, so I'm pretty sure they win this one.
Since teenagers occupy the age bracket between 10 %26amp; 19 and adults are everyone over 20, how can you even think there are more teenagers?
Think about it this way...the average lifespan is around 80 years old. So if an adult is from 18-80+ there are a lot more of us than there are teenagers.
I'd say theres maybe more babies in the world :P with loads being born every second :)
Hi Mohammed!

I'm an adult and I think there are a lot of adults like me :)
I'm not positive,but i think there's more adults.
no idea i think more of adults bcoz lots of teens are lyk murdered in london and stuff :o)
seems like it sometimes
probably, because teens are getting pregnant these days, but yeah..
No, it's more adults I'm sure. Baby boomers.
I think yeahh.
nopes. don't think so

You mean ARE there. and I dont think so.
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  • Do you think that teenagers can find true love in high school?

    I think that teenagers can find true love in high school, but it's very rare. I think that many teenagers think that they've found true love in high school and commit too early, then realize later in life that they aren't really right for each other.

    but I don't think it's like this for all teenagers in love. One of my best friends has been with her boyfriend for almost three years, and I truly believe that they were made for eack other, and will be together for the rest of their lives.

    So yes. I think it is possible for teenagers to find true love in high school, but I think most of the time they are just a little too immature to know what true love really is.Do you think that teenagers can find true love in high school?
    What do you mean by true love? I found love in high school, and it was every bit as much as real/true love as I have for my spouse. The real question is, is it possible to start a relationship that will last for years upon years in high school. And the answer is that it is possible, but very very rare. People change so much during and right after high school, that most people who fall in love at those ages dont stay with the same people.

    But I disagree with the ideal that true love equals marriage for life and happily ever after. True love means just that, love that is real and true. But things happen, life changes, and people grow. Just because you have true love doesnt mean you are destined or will be together forever.Do you think that teenagers can find true love in high school?
    yes...but i wouldnt bet a million dollars on it.

    i think ill wait till college to find someone to spend the rest of my life with. high school is supposed to be the best years of my life and i dont want to waste it on some girl.
    yes i found my first love at high school it is kind of sweet lol
    i think so

    they say 99% of highschool ';sweethearts'; wind up getting married
    find love, but not true love...

    Bicep, Abs, fore arm, thigh, and calf work out for teenagers, help?

    I am 14 yrs and I would like a list of work outs for each ones that have good results. Please dont tell me i'm to young and muscle development, that's bullcrap. thank you.Bicep, Abs, fore arm, thigh, and calf work out for teenagers, help?
    you're too young for muscle development.Bicep, Abs, fore arm, thigh, and calf work out for teenagers, help?
    sit ups

    push ups


    more push ups

    more sit ups


    and lift weights